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Feb 01

My journey begins…

I can remember the first time I was ever scolded for polishing my nails like it was yesterday! I was about six years old visiting my aunt when instead of having breakfast that morning, I decided to prop my feet on her glass coffee table to polish my toes! The end results wasn’t quite so pretty and my aunt makes it her business to remind me of that colorful day every time I see her. I can’t help but blush and giggle at the situation. What can I say? Girls will be girls!!!

Since then, I’ve been in love with the art of manicuring and fascinated with all the different techniques and services offered in salons and spas. I had to be about 12 when I got my first set of acrylics done by my mothers friend. She was a self taught artist as well and I looked up to her a lot! In my eyes she was the queen of freehand nail art! She was also the first person to take me to the salon for my first full set of airbrushed acrylics. I was so excited and can remember being in awe at all what was going on in the salon. Unfortunately, she moved away and we lost contact before I could ask her to be my mentor, but that didn’t diminish the passion I have for creating beautiful nails. I hope one day to see her again!

Now I’ve reached a point in my life where I am no longer satisfied with punching someone else’s clock and I’m ready to make a name for myself in the beauty industry! I have big dreams of owning my own luxury spa and boutique and I’m not going to stop until I accomplish every goal I’ve set for myself. I’ve officially taken the first step to accomplishing my goals by enrolling in the manicuring program at The Gallery College of Beauty. The course is five months long and I’m so excited and ready to learn everything I can. I have two weeks until orientation then I’ll be starting school full-time the following week. I intend on blogging about my experience as a nail tech student throughout this five month course. I am also open to suggestions, tips, tricks, and even words of encouragement to better myself as a person personally and professionally! Thanx!

At Ur Fingertips…..

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